Summer Round Up


IMG_6193.JPGToday is the last day of summer vacation. It’s back to school tomorrow and I’m equal parts sad to see summer slip away for another year and eager for some structure to our days. This coming from a type-B, procrastinating, dreamer and you know its been a little chaotic around here.



We’ve had a lot of fun though. We’ve eaten some insanely good food and my little Valley is bursting at the seams as harvest approaches. We picked pears in the orchard next door last night and the apples along the edge of our property are almost ready. It’s a good time of year for farm life.


And speaking of farm life, our little farm is growing. Our garden was hit and miss this year. The sunflowers, potatoes, basil, bell peppers and corn did fairly well. Moles ate the zucchini and we accidentally drowned our pumpkin vines. The carrots didn’t make it and our tomatoes are turning a vibrant shade of orange but never quite getting red before rotting and falling off the vine. Lots to learn from this year and lots to look forward to next year. Aaron finished fencing our pasture (which is about 2 acres) a couple weeks ago and brought home 4 female sheep. He tells me they eat a certain kind of grass that cows don’t eat. The cows (3 of them) will come to live at the farm in just a few weeks. We are having a ‘corral raising’ (is that a thing, I’m so new at all this) Labor Day weekend. I never could have predicted this would be my life, but I love it all so much. Kids and dogs and chickens and sheep and a big garden and mud on my boots. I’m living a country song.


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