Friday Favorites

This is kind of a random departure for me, but I thought I would share a few things I’ve been loving and/or using lately. I love these kinds of posts and I feel like my favorite skin care products, clothes and recipes I’ve stumbled across in the last couple years have been from posts like these.

It’s been one of ‘those’ weeks. We had such a fun and busy four day weekend with lots of skiing, a little basketball and even a date night thrown in. But man, once vacation mode ended, it’s been…rough.

Tuesday felt like the Monday that would. not. end. Luke got sick at school and poor kid just feels like garbage. I went on a spring cleaning/house purge which felt really good but now my mudroom is unusable with all the stuff I collected and the thought of getting it loaded up and delivered to Good Will feels like an almost impossible task. On a side note; we’ve barely lived in our house two years, how do I have this much stuff to get rid of? Our very sweet, very OLD dog is declining so quickly these days. The news makes me cry. Oh, and I forgot to set the timer on dinner last night, got distracted (taking care of a sick kid), and somehow managed to undercook AND burn the chicken I was making. How that is even possible is beyond me.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s Friday. You too?

  1. I have notoriously difficult skin; dry, sensitive, acne-prone. It’s kind of the worst. But I took the plunge and started using BeautyCounter products last fall. I have loved everything I’ve tried so far. And this night cream is seriously the best.
  2. I just finished Lilac Girls and Exit West. Very different books, but both immersive and so so good. Jen Hatmaker’s Of Mess and Moxie ended up feeling like I was talking with a friend. By far my favorite book of hers.
  3. I’ve been using FitnessBlender for almost two years now and can’t say enough good things. If you need a home workout, even to just supplement on the weekends or what you do at a gym, this is seriously the best. I’ve bought a few of their series and I have a bunch of workouts saved to my favorites. There’s no pressure to buy anything, you don’t need certain weights or discs or workout shakes or whatever crazy gimmick people so often want to see you. It’s just good, thoughtful, FREE workouts.
  4. Still obsessed with sourdough. I spend way too much time geeking out over the health of my starter and trying to finesse the perfect loaf. If you follow me on Instagram, I often talk about it in my stories. I figure that’s the least annoying place to share all my bread geekiness. And speaking of geekiness. I made sourdough banana dark chocolate muffins this morning. So yummy.
  5. This was really funny. This is too. On a serious note, we’ve had the Olympics on every night at our house and its been so fun to watch with the kids.

Happy Weekend friends. We made it (almost.)

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